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Additional Services
  • VISA Credit Cards
    Simple, reliable, safe and easy to use with no complicated fees or rules! Your card will be accepted worldwide when making a purchase wherever VISA is accepted. 
  • VISA Business Credit Cards
    Purchase office equipment, order supplies online or dine with clients. Your card will be secure, controlled by you and accepted worldwide. Its flexibility allows you to preset spending limits for each employee cardholder. 
  • MasterMoney Debit Cards and ATM Cards
    Get a MasterMoney Debit Card with your Southwind Bank account and have access to your money anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Looks like a credit card and acts like a check! ATM cards are also available for ready cash access. Print your card application here and return to bank to request your new card! To report a lost or stolen ATM/debit card during non-business hours, call 1-877-226-2351.

    Learn more about the free added security for your debit card! See how Falcon Fraud Protection works 24/7 to protect you from card fraud.
  • Business MasterMoney Debit Cards
    Whether you're a one-person company, or the head of a Fortune 500 empire, it's likely you'll need to pay for business-oriented expenses. That's where business debit cards come in handy. These cards separate business from personal costs, and can help manage company expenses. These cards may be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. To report a lost or stolen business debit card during non-business hours, call 1-877-226-2351. 
  • Convenient VISA Prepaid Cards
    Access CardNeed your payroll direct deposited but don't want to open up a checking account?  With the Access Card you can receive and have access to your payroll.  Just give your employer the card numbers on the card and your money will be direct deposited.

    Or maybe you need a card not tied to your bank account to protect against fraud or to help you stick to a budget?  This general purpose, reloadable card has many great benefits .........

      * You can use this card for every day spending.
      * Pay bills online and by phone.
      * Text/email alerts when the card is used or card balance is low.
      * Great way to provide budgeted spending money to students away
        at school.
      * Reload up to 10 times per month.
     Gift Card
    Need a gift for that special someone?  The VISA gift card can be loaded ONE time for the maximum amount of $500.  It can also be used domestically and internationally.

     * Spending is limited to the prepaid amount loaded on the card 
       ($10 to $500).
     * Set up text/email alerts when card is used or card balance is low.
     * 24/7 card account information online or via 800 number.
    TravelMoney CardTaking a vacation or traveling overseas? You can use the TravelMoney card to make purchases on Hotels, rental cars, and souveniers.  You can also use the card to withdraw local currency at an ATM.  
     * Safer than carrying cash.
     * Protects you from bank account fraud because the card is not tied
       to your personal bank information.
     * Has a maximum card balance of $5,000.00. Your card can be
       reloaded once every 30 days for travel-related spending needs.
     * Combines the security of Traveler's Cheques with the convenience
       of a VISA card.
      Incentive Card
    Great for businesses looking to give staff rewards or promotional customer incentives.  This card is loaded with corporate funds and then given to the employee for their spending purposes.

    * Good anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted:
      online, in store, and over the phone.
    * Single load from $10 to $750
    * Security of plastic with the convenience of cash.

    Click here for more information on the Convenient VISA Prepaid Cards
  • Wire Transfers
    Domestic incoming and outgoing wire transfer services are available. For incoming wire transfers, follow the Southwind Bank Wire Instructions.

  • ATM
    Our ATM is located at Highways 40 & 281 in Russell. Additionally, your Southwind Bank debit/atm card may be used surcharge-free at a network of other participating bank ATM locations. Check out the complete list of surcharge-free ATMs for Southwind Bank cardholders!

  • Merchant Card Processing
    Contact a bank representative or for more information about the merchant services available through our partner, TSYS Merchant Solutions. Credit and debit card processing for your business and more!

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
    Keep your most important possessions from getting lost or being stolen.  Safe Deposit boxes offer a secure space to store important/valuable items.  Box sizes offered in our Russell location are 3x10, 5x10, 10x10.  Box sizes offered in our Natoma location are 3x5, 5x5, 3x10, 5x10, 10x10.  Contact a bank representative for availability and prices.
  • Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders
    A major difference between money orders and cashier's checks is the dollar limit and the fee amount.
    Money orders can be purchased for up to $1,000.00.  Cashier's checks can be purchased for any denomination.  The cost for money orders is $2.00 for customers and $5.00 for non customers.  The cost for Cashier's checks is $5.00 for customers and $10.00 for noncustomers.

  • Collector Coin Sales
    We offer current year Silver Eagles and Complete Proof Sets.  Visit one of our branch sites to purchase these collector coins.


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